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May 27, 2011

Balloon Heaven

"OK, you can take the balloon outside but don't let go of the ribbon or it will fly away."

Why I thought these woulds would prevent the inevitable from happening, I do not know. Because, well, the inevitable happened.

The pink balloon went skywards.

Whether the balloon jumped or was pushed by the well-directed elbow of an older brother, we shall never know (although we have our suspicions). But up it went, into the clouds, and for a small, three-year-old-boy, this was a tragedy of epic proportions. "Waaaahhhhhh," he wailed, "Waaaahhhhhh, my balloooooooooooon."

I couldn't do much, other than offer a sympathetic shoulder to cry on and a packet of sweets from the emergency stash (oh, who am I kidding they come out at least four times a day). I did attempt to console him by fabricating a story about lost balloons finding their way to little boys and girls who don't have a balloon - but this only caused more distress as he pointed out, "Waaaaahhhhh, but I'm a little boy who doesn't have a balloon."

Fair point.

So I conclude that there must be, for times like this, a balloon heaven, where all the balloons which have been inadvertently let go by small hands hang out and lead a happier life. Maybe the burst ones go there too? Perhaps. I like to think so anyway.

R.I.P pink balloon, we will glance to the heavens and remember you always.



  1. Oh, what a funny/sad story. I feel his pain.
    My friend sailed the Pacific Ocean from LA to Brisbane, and about 50km from the Californian coast they sailed through a huge sea of deflated helium balloons. THAT'S where the balloons end up. What a world. He should have held onto the string.

  2. Ha ha - outsmarted by a 3 year old. Now that is sad.

  3. hi, hope you don't mind i tagged you for the save the children meme. the details are on my page.

  4. I liked you quick thinking shame your son was far too clever :) Great story x

  5. Awww. Awful when that happens. We have a large green balloon in balloon Heaven too ;)

  6. Oh I have an emergency stash too but wasn't going to tell anyone..sweets always seem to help dry the emergency stash is of course carrot sticks:)

  7. Hahaha, the same happened to us a few months back and even now my daughter still comments about "my balloon blow away".

    I think helium balloons blowing away is in the same crying category as ice cream cones being dropped.

    I love how he foxed you with his comeback! x

  8. So funny- just saw this today after being at a picnic where there were many balloons floating up and out of reach.


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