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May 18, 2011

When Mickey didn't meet Elizabeth

It's a big week in Dublin this week - we have The Queen here for the first time EVER and we also have our first Disney Store opening. Being a Brit by birth and having just turned 21 again (ahem), I am well aware that I should probably be more excited about the historic event of the Queen and should write insightful thoughts about how profound her visit is but........

.....well, I'm much more excited about the new Disney Store which opens today on Dublin's Grafton Street (sorry Your Highness). I actually think the PR people on both sides have missed a trick - surely getting The Queen to open the new store would have been a media coup of epic proportions. I'm sure President Mary McAleese would have loved to utter the words, 'Mickey, meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth, Mickey." Oh, it would have been priceless but, sadly, not to be.

Unlike the Queen, who will sadly miss all the razzmatazz of the grand opening, I was lucky enough to see the store with my two boys before it opened to the general public today - to say that they were excited is probably the year's biggest understatement. I, of course, restrained myself like a proper grown up and only let out a few yelps of excitement when I saw the amazing displays of toys and the magic, interactive trees and the princess area....

I've written about Disney for the Irish Independent this week and although I know some people are staunchly anti-Disney and the power such a massive corporation can wield, I am basically a big kid at heart and seem to be able to just enjoy Disney for what it is and especially while my kids are still young enough to jump up and down in excitement about a toy racing car. It's just a bit of make believe isn't it?

So, while I wish The Queen a pleasant stay in The Emerald Isle (despite the fact that she has buggered up our entire day tomorrow while our town is on lock down), I extend a slightly warmer welcome to Tinkerbell, Buzz, Mickey and Cinderella. Ireland has had enough doom and gloom recently and, for what it's worth, I reckon we are long overdue a bit of pixie dust and sparkle. Yeee-haaa.



  1. Yes I think I would be more excited about the Disney store but then the Queen is in this country more often than in yours anyway so I guess I'm just used to her knocking about in the UK. I like to pretend I'm snobby about the Disney store but secretly I love it.

  2. We love the disney store too!!! I can't believe you didn't already have one!! xx

  3. Lets see...Goofy or Liz...Goofy or Liz...I too choose Goofy.

    Great post

  4. Oh a Disney store and the Queen... Your doing grand aren't you! ;0)

  5. I would have loved to see liz and mickey together!

  6. Well, as an American, there really isn't any comparison is there? :-)

  7. I can't believe that is the Queen's first time in Dublin? really? wonder what the reasoning is behind that? Yes think Liz missed one there, but probably worried someone would play that latest Cinderella video thats making its round on the internet...

  8. Yup, I'd definitely be more excited about the Disney Store opening and how lucky are you getting to see it before the general public?

    Every time we go into town my daughter demands we visit our Disney Store and shrieks from the top of the street when she sees Mickeys huge mousey face on the sign outside.


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