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May 11, 2011

40 things I've enjoyed on the way to 40: Part 2

Continuing my trip down memory lane, I give you the remaining 20 things I've enjoyed on the way to reaching the ripe old ago of 40. The first 20 are listed here.

21. The Young Ones, Blackadder, The Hit Man and Her
22. Scott and Charlene's wedding (sob)

23. Diamond White, Taboo, Archers Peach Schnapps
24. Body Shop White Musk, Anais Anais, Samsara and Poison
25. 'Madchester', Afflecks Palace and The Hacienda
26. Celebrating the year 2000 at Sydney Opera House
27. Running the London Marathon
28. Live Aid - the original one
29. Rosemary Conley's Hip and Thigh Diet

30. The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman
31. Sooty and Sweep (almost forgot them)
32. Soda stream coke
33. Revlon Flex Conditioner
34. Pierrot clowns (see above)
35. Climbing Ayers Rock
36. Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef
37. The 'Who shot JR' cliff-hanger in Dallas
38. Meeting my husband and moving to Ireland (I have to put that in or he'll divorce me)
39. Kate and William's wedding
40. Becoming a mummy

All in all, it hasn't been a bad 40 years at all. Here's to the next 40!



  1. Wonderful! Several of these would be on my list of highlights too. I wouldn't include meeting your husband though, I haven't done that :-) x

  2. This is my kind of list - Sooty and Sweep (did you ever see my photo on blog of me meeting Sooty?), original Live Aid, all of those perfumes!
    Will now have a look at your first 20.

  3. Aww congrats on the big 4 0 - this list brought back lots of memories especially the Kylie & Jason wedding - love that song x x

  4. Love the idea of this - is it a 'thing' or your own creation? I think I would have anumber of these on my list too (but I have another couple of years to go - ha! :P)

  5. I'm not far behind you (37 this year) so I share of lot of your list and it's great it's complete - really enjoyed reading it x

  6. Oh and I'm so with you on Scott and Charlenes wedding - I've still got it recorded on VHS up in the loft somewhere. I still remember the night before the wedding in the show where Scott give Charlene a glass slipper thing I think and he says *adopts Aussy accent* "I love you heaps Charlene". All together now 'awwwwww'!

  7. Ah great list and a lot of share memories, sadly none in Oz though. I'm 40 in December I might copy and do a similar list - if I can remember that is.

  8. Wow Diamond White I had a few nasty nights/ hangovers on that stuff!! And the clowns too just great.....unfortunately I remember all of your list:(

  9. scot and charlenes wedding, ahhh memories

  10. I'm 40 with two boys under two so am looking forward to reading your full list as I'm sure there will be some nostalgic moments. Found you through Real Parenting and am your newest follower. Will read more when it's not 5am in the morning!


  11. Well as someone well past 40 *ahem* I would still absolutely have Afflecks Palace, The Hacienda (still have my membership card) and The London Marathon on my list. Great memories x

  12. I Nominated you for a Kreative blog award so pop over to mine to see what to do x

  13. I'm with you on most of those... although your clubbing scene looks alot more cool than mine! What will be the big memories of the next ten?? Here's hoping its not Jedward, recession and Lady Gaga!

  14. I loved Scott and Charlene's wedding, I know most of the words of Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.Have blocked the taste of diamond white and taboo out of my mind although they were a favourite at some point (too much of a good thing lol).

  15. Some Fab memories there...especially Scott & Charlenes wedding!


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