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January 31, 2011

Sleep? What's that?

I've just had two of the worst night's sleep in ages - up and down all night with my little boy who has a bad cough. The zombie-like state I woke up in this morning brought me right back to those endless, sleep-deprived nights as a new mum. I don't think there is anything harder about being a new parent than the shock of no sleep. We rock, soothe, pace the floorboards, sing, cry, sleep on the landing: anything. Just. Please. Let. My. Child. Sleep.

Just like thousands of other parents, Wendy Dean (pictured below) struggled to cope with her new baby who refused to sleep - and continued to refuse to sleep. When a second baby came along 20 months later, followed by twins a couple of years after that Wendy, as you can imagine, felt just a little bit knackered! Feeling that she wasn't getting the help she needed to encourage her son into a healthier pattern of sleep, she did her research, read all the books on the subject and finally found a way that worked for her and her son. She went on to write and publish her findings in 'The Baby Sleep System'.

Wendy has since joined the Pampers Village Parenting Panel as their sleep expert. The Panel consists of a range of experts to offer help and advice in many aspects of parenting. Wendy has worked with Pampers to develop four age-specific routines for encouraging good sleep habits. These four routines are for ages 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-12 months and 12+ months.

Speaking to Wendy recently she explained that in the majority of cases, sleep problems arise as a result of the baby being unable to soothe itself to sleep. She therefore focuses on what it is that the parents do to help their baby sleep and what they do when the baby wakes; if so, how can patterns and routines be changed?

Her Sleep System isn't just a book; parents can also use the online forums attached to the book to discuss specific problems with online experts about their individual circumstances. As Wendy says, "Every baby is different, so no sleep solution can be a 'one-size-fits-all'. Don’t be swayed by what’s going on with friends and their little ones. While it can be comforting to share and hear about others’ experiences, it can be daunting too. Many parents suffering from sleep deprivation are so exhausted that they feel very down and very isolated; they think they are they only ones in this situation and that they must be a bad parent. By providing an interactive forum online, they can get the support, encouragement and individual advice for their specific circumstances."

As more and more parents actively engage in online communities for help, support, advice and friendship, interactive forums which provide access to experts, such as the Pampers Parenting Village Panel and Wendy's Baby Sleep System, are excellent resources to have at your, very-weary, fingertips.

For more information on Wendy Dean's 'Baby Sleep System', visit

To read Wendy's top sleep tips, visit or the Pampers Village Parenting Panel.

In the meantime, I'm going to prop my eyes open with matchsticks, drink lots of coffee, splash cold water on my face and cling on until bedtime. Tonight's another night. Right?!



  1. Hi Hotcrossmum
    Your post brings me back to those days when sleepless nights and zombie days were part and parcel of my existence. My now ten year old once(then six) did not sleep a full night for a WHOLE MONTH..there is no torture like it. The pre-teen stage brings improvement. Mind you, not thinking about the teen stage and all that (allegedly) goes with it.

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  3. Mari G dont' worry the teen stage can be great they sleep for AGES!! in my expereince anyway - I just have one (nearly 14) year old and a stack of smaller ones too (6 months 2 and 4) so i get chaos from both ends of the age scale! But the 13 year old sure does sleep....


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