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January 27, 2011

Help Save the Tiger with the World Wildlife Fund

This is a sponsored post on behalf of WWF.

2011 is the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund being created. This is an amazing, amazing organisation doing fantastic work to help preserve wild animals and their environments.

My children are fascinated by the natural world; they love any nature programmes on TV (the Blue Planet DVDs which were given away in The Sunday Times last year now get played more often than Fireman Sam, Thomas or Scooby Doo) and one of their favourite books is a huge encyclopedia of animals. It really, really saddens me to think that some animals and species which we talk about in this book and take for granted, may be gone from our world within our their lifetime.

One of WWFs main campaigns of the past few months has been a drive to increase wild tiger numbers. There are, unbelievably, now less than 3,200 tigers in the wild; a number which WWF hopes to double by 2022, the Chinese Year of the Tiger. In November 2010, the Tiger Conservation Forum was held in St Petersburg, Russia, to help raise global awareness of falling wild tiger numbers. You can read more about the outcome of the Forum here.

So, what can we do to help?

Well, one way is by giving a gift from the WWF range, such as the 'Help Save Wild Tigers' box, pictured above. Costing £19.99, the box contains a supersoft plush toy, fact booklet and One Planet booklet. Each box also has a specific website address where you can find out more information on a discounted animal adoption offer. There are 12 different animal boxes in the range; including those pictured below, polar bears, elephants, rhinos and a ridiculously cute turtle. I think these would bring a smile to any child's (or adults!) face and you know you are supporting an extremely worthy cause at the same time.

For details on all the 'Help Save Wild Animals' gift boxes, and other gift ideas, visit the WWF shop.

Thank you.



  1. I used to be a member of the junior version of WWF when I was at school, a very long time ago. I think it used to be called 'Panda Club'. In fact, I have the badge somewhere... hang on a minute.

  2. I love their marketing tactics--double the population by the Chinese Year of the Tiger, and the cuddly toys in clever boxes. I certainly help when I can!

  3. With you on this one!
    The suprise hit of Christmas was a the subscription for my 10 year old to the WWF - His letter to Santa, requested one thing, to sponsor a snow lepoard.
    Unfortunately none particually child friendly to sponsor in the UK, but I did find an Amur Lepoard on the WWF, & they are 'Criticaly Endangered' - which suited the 10 yr old jut fine...!
    He got an inof pack, soft toy & will recieve 3 newsetters a year.


    For £3 a month....


  4. K loves Pandas so I'll keep this in mind for her birthday.
    I always get confused with WWF: World wildlife fund or World wrestling federation. You wouldn't want to get mixed up and order a semi-naked muscle man in a box now would you? :)

    I've tagged you at mine...

  5. This is brilliant. I can get one for my baby nephew and when he is older and asks about it, he can start to learn about caring for the planet and all its inhabitants.


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