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January 16, 2011

Hello. Have you met my imaginary friend?

Any 'Charlie and Lola' fans out there will know that the picture above is of Lola and her imaginary friend 'Soren Lorensen'. We love Charlie & Lola and we especially love Soren Lorensen; a brilliant creation who always appears in black and white, and occasionally is just a faint silvery outline, barely visible on the page.

I didn't have an imaginary friend as a child, so I am quite intrigued by my 3 year old's friendship with someone/something who he calls 'Baa' (I'm guessing that is how the name is spelt, but having never met the fellow/lady/creature, I could be mistaken).

'Baa' turned up about a year ago and has been mentioned quite regularly ever since, especially at bedtime when we are often reminded to, "say goodnight to Baa." Thankfully, my son and Baa's friendship hasn't yet resulted in us needing to set an extra place at the dinner table or invest in an extra car seat. In fact, details of Baa are sketchy and seem to change quite often. We haven't yet established whether Baa is male or female, but we think we're pretty certain that he/she lives in England.

More recently, another 'friend', who currently goes by the name of 'John Steven' has cropped up in conversation. I'm not sure whether he's a passing guest or will become a regular visitor. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure whether Baa and John Steven have been properly introduced to each other. The mind boggles.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows of a person who goes by the name of Baa, please let me know. I'd very much like to meet him.

Do your children have imaginary friends and what do you think of it if they do?



  1. Maxi never has, but Mini did for a while. They were Vic and Dave the hilf inside out people who lived on the highstreet. I asked him to draw me them one and he said dont be silly mummy, only I can see them and handed me a peice of whiate paper with a square on it!

  2. My daughter had 2 imaginary friends for a while called Sarah and Lotta (inspired by her love of Charlie and Lola!). She would always include them when she was playing and I would always hear her talking to them. It was a bit weird at first but I know its a normal part of childhood so I didn't make a big thing of it. One day she just stopped mentioning them - I quite miss them now!!

  3. We love Charlie and Lola too, I'm always looking out for Soren Lorensen incase he's hiding. Wee Z tends to imagine cartoon characters are there. Sometimes the Little Einsteins come to play or Numberjacks too. It's weird how their minds work and imagine things!

  4. My sister and I had a PLETHORA of imaginary friends including the fabulous duo 'Dressing Gown and Slippers', 'Pamp', 'Farmonica Faggaretty', 'Village Brisset' and tons of others. Still can't work out whether we are latent prodigies or deeply disturbed?

    Love Charlie and Lola and if you get the chance to see the theatre production, take it, its great.

  5. My daughter has recently started to walk around with an imaginary friend, but I always think she's just playing. As opposed to thinking he's really there. No - I suppose there's no difference really. So yes. Even though I didn't know it yet. :-)

  6. Lois had a cast of thousands, the most long standing being a boy called Dacker. He never did anything bad, got blamed for owt, but was always there probably for about 18 months I guess. She'd sit with them all and have tea parties and one more than one occasion I'd stand on their toes, or shut them in the car door.

    I honestly really loved it, made me quite proud that she had that imagination and wasn't ashamed about it in anyway.

    There was not one day that Dacker left, he just kind of waded away and it was a few weeks before we realised he'd gone.

    Oh, I feel all sad now! I can feel an inspired post coming on Hazel....


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