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'I have always thought that there is no more fruitful source of family discontent than a housewife’s badly-cooked dinners and untidy ways'. (Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, 1861)

February 1, 2011

Can you do nothing for 2 minutes?

I was sent a link recently by the very lovely author and Tweet-aholic Colette Caddle. She thought it would help to calm me down after I had expressed a large amount of outrage at the Andy Gray/Richard Keys football hoo-ha. She was quite right!

The link simply asks you to do nothing for two whole minutes. Just two little minutes. Easy, I thought. Just sit at the desk and listen to the soothing sound of waves and do nothing. Pah.

I tried it. It is not as easy as you might think.

Why not give it a go and come back and tell me how you did.

So, did you resist the urge to click away, refresh your Twitter timeline, email inbox and blog page? Did you feel all these things nagging at you all the time those e-v-e-r s-o s-l-o-w seconds were ticking away.

My reaction surprised me; how easily I became distracted and how hard I found it to just take two minutes time-out; doing nothing.

I now have this link on permanent standby for when I'm losing it with the kids. Well, it certainly beats locking myself into the downstairs loo.



  1. There's a lot to be said for a lock on the downstairs loo.

  2. Ah that's week one of any mindfulness course. Great stuff.

  3. Wow - that was totally awesome! I think I could do it for 2 x 100 minutes! Ok, maybe not quite that long! LOL But it was super cool! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. It's an interesting exercise - I actually spend so long on my computer these days I get a bit 'twitchy' and I remember reading somewhere that it's a good exercise to do this for 2 minutes but with the heels of your palms pressed against your eyes - it's supposed to promote relaxation.

    It's just that whenever i try it, the phone rings and a little voice shouts, "Muuuuum?"

  5. This is where I excel. I am brilliant at doing nothing. Before I married and had kids I used to spend full weekends doing nothing. Nowadays, about 2 minutes seems just about achievable!

  6. That was great. I managed it but it was hard; the cat kept poking me and my husband ate the last After Eight...

  7. I love this but I'm terrible at it. The art of doing nothing is lost on me. I really need to learn to slow down.

  8. I absolutely love your blog!

    I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me back!

  9. I could probably do nothing for 2 minutes, as long as I was nowhere near a computer screen for that time!


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