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November 19, 2010

Hot Cross Christmas Gift Guide: Part 1

As a Mummy Blogger (which, by the way, I think should now be included under 'Occupation' on those forms you get asked to fill in every now and again), one of the perks 'of the job' is that I sometimes get sent things to review from nice people who work in offices which are a lot swankier than mine. Over the year, I've been frantically reading books, pressing buttons, assembling toys, wearing clothes, putting stuff on my face and hair and eating things - all, might I add, in the name of research for my 'reading' public. As it's nearly Christmas, I thought I'd give you my top tips for pressies from the stuff I've tried out this year. So I give you:

Books for Adults - Although I wasn't sent these books to review, I have to recommend the two best books I read this year: 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' - brilliantly written, with characters you'll fall in love with from the first page and 'The Help' - an amazing book which I defy you not to love.

Books for Children - I've been fortunate to review loads of children's books this year. We devour books in our house so this is a complete joy for me. Check out my previous reviews of picture books: 'A Bit Lost', 'Tiny Little Fly' and 'Three By The Sea'. There is also a fantastic new illustrated edition just published by Walker Books of Ted Hughes's 'The Iron Man' - not the Marvel comic one, the classic, literary one. If you're into History, the wonderful 'The Story of Britain' by Patrick Dillon, illustrated by PJ Lynch, would make a lovely gift for a niece or nephew or grandchild.

Beauty Products - regular readers will know I became a Liz Earle convert this year. I have tried their 'Cleanse & Polish', 'Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner' and most recently their Superskin Moisturiser and Superskin Concentrate which are miraculously fighting off that awful 'cardboard face' syndrome I seem to get every winter. I cannot recommend their products , service and beautiful wrapping, highly enough.

Toys for children - I was eating my own words when we trialled the LeapFrog 'Tag' readers system earlier this year.

And finally, if you're looking for white goods, may I recommend Applicances Online. Fellow blogger Single Parent Did wrote an excellent review of their products and services and they kindly sent me a bottle of bubbly. Don't ask me why, they just did. M'kay.

So, that's a start. More next week.

This post was written for 'Festive Friday' which is running over on Thinly Spread every Friday until Christmas.


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  1. I'm a big Liz Earle fan too...the number of book/stories available for leapfrog always seems to be very limited tho. has this changed? xxx


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