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April 16, 2010

Earle is a girl's best friend

Yes, you heard me right. Diamonds are 'very' last year. The new way to a woman's heart is the completely gorgeous range of skincare products from Liz Earle.

The very lovely and kind people there sent me a beautiful package of goodies to try. I will admit, I was a little sceptical. Having tried just about every skincare range known to womankind, could there really be anything that stood out? As it turns out, yes there is. I can honestly, honestly say that these are the loveliest products I have ever used. They smell divine, they feel divine and best of all, they actually work.

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, the iconic CLEANSE & POLISH HOT CLOTH CLEANSER (pictured above), is a fantastic product. You use the creamy lotion to remove all the daily mum grime and then polish it off with a damp muslim cloth which has the effect of a gentle exfoliation. My skin has never felt as clean and fresh and loved.

Next, the INSTANT BOOST SKIN TONIC (pictured left) is a floral toner which soothes and brightens skin. It honestly does!

Finally, the SKIN REPAIR MOISTURISER (pictured right) is lovely, light and not at all greasy. It leaves the skin with a lovely, healthy glow. (available in Normal/Combination or Dry/Sensitive).

I also tried the HAND REPAIR (pictured right) which is the best hand lotion I've ever used. Again, it smells delicious and goes on easily without the need for loads of rubbing and instantly leaves your hands with a calming, fresh feel. Hands that do dishes have never been so happy! I asked for a new pair of hands in my Mum's Letter to Santa this year - seems like he came up trumps after all!

As a busy mum who barely has time to brush my hair morning and night, I can honestly say that I have very quickly become addicted to these products and look forward to finding a couple of extra minutes at the start and end of the day to give my poor skin a much needed treat. I really think my skin looks and feels miles better than before I started using the Liz Earle products and as my own worst critic, that's praise indeed!

For more information, visit

Trust me on this one. You will not be disappointed.



  1. Oh Oh....stop!! I've never tried Liz Earle but often wanted to - and this post doesn't help! It's so expensive isn't it though? But now I'm sorely tempted. I do have a birthday coming up!!Lucky you being sent stuff to try.

  2. I'm already a convert. I use the cleanse and polish but found my husband using the muslin cloth thing as a hankie. Nice. Whenever I go to the Isle of Wight I stock up on stuff. I know I could do mail order but I just like her shop! Plus the light green goes with my bathroom.

  3. How comes I have never heard of it? I am a known cosmetics addict, eager to try everything new on this planet. Where is it sold?
    And btw, I am seriously envious that you get to try beauty products. I only get offered boring stuff. Wanna swap against some cereal or cake?

  4. My fave fave fave. Am v jealous that you got some freebies, lucky you. I once completed one of their customer surveys and got a massive bag stuffed with lovely smelling things as a thank you. It's one of the few things I have won in my life. Our John Lewis sells it now too although it feels like your birthday when you get it delivered all hand wrapped with that little sticker. Right, I'll stop now. You get the picture.

  5. They sound just gorgeous. I might give them a try myself. Of course if the lovely people at Liz Earle would like to forward some to me, I'll blog my little socks off for them!! Maria x

  6. My mum bought me a gift pack for my b'day last year, didn't use them very enthusiastically, but will be digging them out this week :-)

  7. ooh darling sounds wonderful. I will buy some right now.

  8. Yes - it's great stuff and if Liz Earle would like to send me more goodies,I'll be more than delighted! I love the fragrance too.


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