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November 26, 2010

Rethinking Christmas

I'm sure I'm not the first person to have sat and thought about what they would like for Christmas over the last week (or maybe longer). Maybe that instinct to start writing a list is ingrained in us from our childhood; pen poised, clean sheet of paper at the ready. Hmmmm, what do I want this year? But as the years fly past, I increasingly don't know what I want. I'm not sure what I need. This is probably because I don't really need anything. If you're in the same predicament, how about asking for an 'Inspired Gift' from UNICEF.

Instead of asking for the latest bestseller, why not ask for five story books for children?
Instead of asking for some fancy chocolates, why not ask for some peanut paste?

Instead of a bottle of your favourite tipple, why not ask for an emergency water kit to help a family collect and store clean, safe water when their regular supplies are destroyed?

Instead of another throw for the bed, why not ask for a blanket to keep seven babies warm and protected from the elements?
Or instead of ordering a delivery of a hamper, why not ask for equipment and medicines needed for the safe delivery of a new baby?
To see the full range of Inspired Gifts please visit

UNICEF also offers a more traditional selection of cards and gifts at

Thank you.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving supplies that are delivered to children in emergencies and disasters around the world. They include products such as water containers, vaccines, medicines, food, and education materials. Your friend or family member will receive a card which tells them how the gift is making a real difference in children’s lives.There is gift to suit every budget.

UNICEF is one of the world’s leading emergency agencies, responding to more than 200 emergencies each year. Never before has the demand been so high for essential relief supplies. In Pakistan alone, nine million children are caught up in the current disaster and over three million are at extreme risk of disease. This is wrong, but by purchasing one of UNICEF’s inspired gifts this Christmas, you can help to put it right.

Please also visit fantastic blogger Rosie Scribble who is working very closely with UNICEF and recently visited Cameroon with them. She blogged extensively about her amazingly moving experiences.



  1. A perfect post. My children choose something from here every year as their gift to children everywhere. It's wonderful, thank you so much for linking it to Festive Friday. x

  2. Excellent post, HCM.
    Christine, what a lovely thing to do. I'm going to copy that with my children.

  3. Wonderful post Hazel and thanks for the mention. Those images are powerful aren't they? Really makes you think. Absolutely love Christine's idea. May have to steal it too. x

  4. It would be lovely to think everyone did this; perhaps then our world wouldn't be in the state it's in.

    CJ xx

  5. Inspired Gifts, indeed. Wish more people to start considering other people, at least for the holidays.

  6. Thanks - you've made me think all over again. We are so lucky - and need to realise it.

  7. That's a lovely post. I had similar thoughts after watching Children in Need this year, then Mr Humdrum came home with a £25 Lego advent calendar. I really wasn't impressed, made me feel kind of dirty. -HMx

  8. We all have a responsibility in our world and it is something we can all teach our children about. Thanks for posting.

    Mich x


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