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July 20, 2010

New words for the Oxford English Dictionary

I'm thinking about submitting a request to the very clever and wordy people behind the Oxford English Dictionary (OED - that's OED not OCD). I'm going to ask them to include the following words and meanings/uses of words which my children have devised recently.

Acorn - def: a good name to give to small worms which you discover on the patio and which subsequently shrivel up to a crisp in the summer sun. Example: "Mummy, Acorn is dead. Look."

Chunk - def: reminiscent of Junk. Example: "Look at all that chunk mummy." "Do you mean 'junk' love?" "No, it's chunk."

Cheesus - def: reminiscent of Jesus. Example: "Was the Baby Cheesus born at Christmas?" "Do you mean the Baby Jesus love?" "No. I mean the Baby Cheesus."

Mittens - def: reminiscent of nipples. Example: "Are these my mittens mummy?", asked while pointing to nipples. (too amusing to correct really, isn't it).

Stump - def: a white fluff like substance which falls out of toy monkeys. Example: "Mummy, I have found some stump. It came out of monkey." (again, too good to bother correcting).

So there you go. Some great new words and at least as worthy of an entry as 'Zig-a-zig-ahhh' or 'Moobs' don'tcha think?

What words would you like to add to the revised edition?



  1. A bounceline which is actually a trampoline - but a far better word for the thing don't you think?

  2. Oops, spelt that wrong, should be bouncealine. Sorry!

  3. My daughter has taken to calling the paddling pool the piddlypool. A great name I think!!

  4. They are lovely new words for my lexicon...I especially like chesus XXX

  5. Aw bless. Mine (7) still says "regleeyar" instead of "regular" and the other day said he had "duck pops" instead of "goose bumps". Took me ages to work that one out.

  6. My daughter calls her forehead her "little head". Too cute to correct, as you say!

  7. Mini-me says "tracksuit-topuns" - tracksuit bottoms, "steletope" telescope
    and used to call her dummy a "yummy"

  8. LOL - Cheesus just cracked me up!

  9. Gingers - def: actually meaning Ninja's - for example - 'watch out the gingers are coming'


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