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October 29, 2009

Happy (belated) Birthday Little Man

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion at HCM Towers as our little man turned four. In anticipation of this event I was full of great intentions to write a deeply profound and heart-felt post about my gorgeous boy and everything he means to me, but I just didn't get around to it.

My excuse being that him turning four has been combined with hosting the BMB Carnival (great fun by the way), hosting family members (who will be reading this so, for the record, it was an absolute pleasure, as always, to have you here!), planning two birthday parties (clearly one is not enough when you are FOUR!) and making a pirate's treasure chest cake.

Although I am pleased to know that, on this particular occasion, I got my priorities absolutely right, I would still like to - albeit slightly belatedly - mark the occasion via the blogosphere. So, I will leave you with these thoughts:-

To Max
My fabulous little boy,
You fill my heart with joy.
You make me laugh, you make me cry,
You always ask me why? Why? WHY?

You started out so small,
How did you get so tall?
You can tumble, dance, sing - and shout,
You're an absolute genius without a doubt.

You make me feel so proud,
I want to shout out very loud -
'Hip Hip Hooray for my boy who is four'
Now - will you PLEASE pick those toys up off your bedroom floor!

Happy Birthday monkey - may your scooter wheels always run smoothly and your anti-gravity belt keep you flying high!



  1. Love the poem! Happy 4th birthday to your son.

  2. Happy 4th Birthday little guy!!

    P.S. Can I have a anti-gravity belt please?

  3. How gorgeous. Hope he enjoyed his day!

  4. Happy 4th birthday to your little man!


  5. Happy Birthday little guy. 4 is a great age. Can I have some hints for how to make a pirate treasure chest cake.. I think my four year old would think that was the coolest thing that had ever happened to him. that and an anti gravity belt...x

  6. Thanks everyone - 1 party down, 1 to go (tomorrow - Hallowe'en!). I will be posting pic and recipe for the treasure chest cake very soon (along with actual footage of my kitchen table) - see comments on 'Ode to Kitchen Table post'. Blimey - you're a demanding lot!

  7. Happy birthday little man! and nice poem, BTW.


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