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October 23, 2009

British Mummy Bloggers Hallowe'en Carnival

“Heeeeeere’s Mummy!”

Yes, it’s time for the inaugural ‘Hot Cross Mum Hallowe’en Spook-Fest BMB Carnival’ (or HCMHSFBMBC for short!).

In celebration of All Hallows Eve, I dared you to submit your most grisly and gruesome tales of parenting. Seems there was no problem on that front then as you have literally splattered me with tales of projectile vomit, poo in unwelcome places, strangely-opinioned men, imaginary beings, tricks, treats and all manner of other horrors. It has been great fun (if also slightly terrifying!) pulling it all together so thanks for all your entries.

So, ladies and gents, grab a cushion, hide behind the sofa, lock all the doors and windows, DO NOT answer the phone, put all sharp implements somewhere safe and whatever you do, DON’T have a shower!

First up with a fright, Tara from 'Sticky Fingers' spooks the socks of us with ‘The Man’. He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere, he’s behind you…. !

Next, I dare you to mess with ‘The Management’ in Potty Mummy’s ‘House Rules’ – a truly menacing force to reckon with.

Susanna from 'A Modern Mother' shares a harrowing tale about playdates going badly wrong in 'Playdate Nightmares'. Shudder.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, Emily from ‘Brits in Bosnia’ shares a tale of truly pooey horror in
‘Things I have said to my husband’

Of course, Hallowe'en wouldn't be complete without some projectile vomiting, and we have plenty in these grisly (yet hilarious!) tales of parenting nightmares provided by Victoria at ‘It’s a Small World after All’ in
‘Do You Have Highchairs’ and Lorraine at ‘The Survival Guide for Rookie Mums’ in ‘A chip off the old barf’.

Terrified of the mornings with a small army to get out of the house? So is Maria from ‘The Hair Dog Chronicles’ who shares the grim reality of the start of every parent's day in ‘The Morning Routine’

If you can stand to read on, Karen at ‘The Real Mamma Diaries’ has a gruesome tale of a house full of seven six-year-old boys (YIKES!) in ‘Let’s Get This (Kids) Party Started’ while Liz at ‘Living With Kids’ has a cunning plan for dealing with ungrateful Trick or Treaters in ‘Fright Night’

Jennifer from ‘Alpha Mummy’ shares her horror and general outrage at fashion’s own Edward Scissorhands, Karl Lagerfeld in ‘Only ‘fat-mummies’ dislike size-zero models’ while 'Rosie Scribble' tells us of her problems with 'Skinny Mummies'

Next up, a little light relief from Emily at 'Maternal Tales' who admits to having (very) temporary evil thoughts in 'She's Not My Daughter' while Sandy from 'Baby Baby' shares the grim reality of life as a new mum (with pictures!) in 'An Unholy Trinity' and 'Rebel Mother' tells us of the horrors some parents can put their children through in 'A Little Faith' .

Had enough yet, or do you want some more.....?

A big welcome to British Mummy Bloggers, carnivals and blogging to new mum Kim from 'Weaning Tales' who shares every parents nightmare and frustration in 'A Mum's Meltdown'

On a more serious note, Maria from ‘Fab Mums’ shares her completely terrifying experience of losing sight of her little boy in
‘Five minutes of panic and all because of ice cream’ and Tasha (many congratulations on the birth of little Eleanor) from 'WAHM-BAM' tells us about her very personal nightmare in 'How I almost gave up Breast-feeding'. A great post for anyone else struggling with this at the moment.

Amanda from ‘Angels and Urchins’ shares a tale of law breaking worthy of mischief night in
‘Desperate PTA Rep Breaks the law’ and Ella from 'Most Least' shares her frightening reality of boys and school in 'Learning, rather than being taught'

After all that, Carol at ‘New Mummy’ offers some much needed comfort for bedtime in
‘Story Time’ and Simone at 'From Rat Racer to Positive Parent' also gives us some happy thoughts in 'A Fun Way to Learn the 3 Rs' and last, but by no means least, a big BMB welcome back to Anna, from ‘Part Mummy Part Me’ who explains why she’s been away in ‘The Secret to Big Boobs, True Love and Losing Weight’

Right, you can come out now. Phew! Some scary stuff in there! Thank you all again for your fabulous entries and apologies for anyone I didn't get to, or missed out.

Before you head off to put your cauldrons on, don’t forget to drop into Violet Posy’s ‘Terror’ific (sorry, couldn't resist!) Hallowe’en Blog Party and remember, 'Don't Have Nightmares'!
For more information on 'The Best of the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival', or to host one yourself, please click here.

Happy Hallowe'en.


  1. What a scary selection...waah hahahahaha - Brilliant, some light reading

  2. Great carnival, well done for putting it together and thanks for including me. Will return later with a cup of coffee and a couple of hours to spare to read all those scary posts!

  3. I'm going nowhere near that shower, or into any dark corners whatsoever! Great Carnival, thanks for putting it all together and including my own scary tale of paternal inability to deal with poo. x

  4. Oh Bravo HCM! Fabulous!

    Who knew motherhood would be so scary?

    Some lovely reads

    Love RMxx

  5. This is brilliant. I love the way you've done it. Must have taken a very long time!

  6. Thanks for including me in a list of lovely posts. Well done for sorting through them all, it's a great carnival!

  7. Great carnival! thank you for adding me x

  8. Thanks for including me in this. I love the theme you chose!

  9. Brilliant!

    Particularly catchy acronym you've got going on there ;).


  10. Well done you. And thanks for including me too! Lots of scary posts to stay up all night and read x

  11. BOO!


    Tagged you in a meme over at mine:


  12. Oops! Forgot to get mine to you, but looks some great reading for me!

    P.S. Am sobbing coz I'm not on your blogroll!! =(

  13. Oooh lots of scary reads!
    I've got an award for you over at my blog x

  14. Scary stuff! Really clever way of theming it all, without them all having to be about pumpkins (love the image at the top, btw - did you carve it?). Thank you, and don't let the witches get you this evening (or any nasty PTA reps...).

  15. Terrifyingly brilliant. Thanks for including my scary story. Well done for such an excellent carnival (and I'm not just saying that because mine's in there!!) X

  16. Thanks for including me despite my out of theme contribution. My toddler got quite scared today. As it is Halloween we have lit up a mini pumpkin, bringing local kids to the door, except my toddler was hiding inside and in tears, scared by the masks! She also burst into tears earlier today while we were in Sainsbury's where a member of staff wearing a scary clown mask booed at her.

  17. I have blogged about this carnival and tweeted, I hope it brings visitors.


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