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October 5, 2009

Four Year Old Logic

My (nearly) four year old has been asking for some time now about directions.

“What follows that way?” he would ask, as we turned left and he saw the road ahead going straight on. “And what follows that way?” he would enquire at the cars going past us in the opposite direction.

These discussions could last for the entire hour long journey between Dublin and our house. After running out of actual places where roads could possibly go to, I would amuse myself by telling him that the road over there led to the moon, that one to the end of the rainbow, that one to Bob The Builder’s house and the other to The Island of Sodor.

More recently, he’s been obsessing about ‘left’ and ‘right’. This again, has been the sole topic of conversation on many a car journey (the two-year-old does what only a two-year-old can do in these circumstances – falls asleep!).

Anyway, he seems to now have this sussed and on recent trips he will say correctly when I turn left or right. Then, the other morning, while on a mercy dash for more milk, as I took a left turn, a little voice piped up from the back,

“We turned left mummy didn’t we. I know that because this is the left hand side” (gesturing with his lefthand).

“That’s right love, well done”.

“No mummy, not right, left”.

“Yes (grrr), we turned left. That is correct. Well done”.

Then he continued, “So if this is the left hand side, this is the left leg side, isn't it” (points to his left leg), “and this is the right hand side (gestures with his right hand) and this is the right leg side (points to his right leg)”.

You can't really argue with the logic, can you?! Trouble is, it is not yet 8am. I need way more caffeine to be able to continue this conversation!



  1. Awww :) my 9 yr old still does not have the concept - how sweet :)

  2. It is totally logical though isn't it?

    I love how they learn.


  3. Oh, yeah. You have to love them and their logic, but sometimes it's just too damn early!

  4. Really sweet, their conversations are quite demanding though aren't they? My eldest thinks he knows right and left and often tells me which way he's going before heading off in the opposite direction. I can imagine a conversation like yours in about 6 months' time.

  5. That's so sweet - you can't fault his logic!

  6. He is right you know, but I can't manage any conversation like this before coffee either!

    I've finally done my award post, here it is for your perusal...

  7. My five year old gets up and goes straight into complex conversations like this. His mother blames my genes. He's pretty much much sorted his left and right out, though being left handed in a right handed family confused things a little.

  8. LOL!!!!!!I know that feeling of caffeine and a four year old....

  9. Well he speaks the truth! I wonder where that phrase came from anyway?


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