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October 11, 2009

A Balloon To Remember

In an ideal world, this support service would not exist.
In an ideal world, children would outlive their parents.

Anam Cara is a national voluntary support group set up by parents who have themselves lost a child. Their aim is to provide support and understanding to families who have experienced the death of a son or daughter, regardless of their age or the circumstances of their death.

Last week, the organisation launched ‘A Balloon to Remember’ a campaign which aims to create awareness of the unique support that Anam Cara offers bereaved parents, and to raise funds to extend these services to as many bereaved families as possible nationwide.

The idea of ‘A Balloon to Remember’ is to remember the many children that have lost their lives throughout Ireland and to offer extended family, friends, colleagues and the wider community a chance to show, in their own private way, that they too remember and are thinking of the bereaved parents on the 2nd November.

Since its launch in 2008, over 600 parents have been connected to the Anam Cara service in many different ways including its website with message forum, parent-to-parent meetings, family events and professional talks all provided to bereaved parents and families free of charge.

If you have not experienced the death of a child, it can be hard to imagine the pain, loneliness and despair that comes with such a loss. By bringing together bereaved families to support and comfort each other, Anam Cara plays a valuable role in helping these families carry on after the death of their child, and in time, for the family to live life around the loss.

You can sponsor ‘A Balloon to Remember’ in Centra supermarkets, McCabes Pharmacies and Eddie Rockets Diners or online at

The campaign will run until 2nd November 2009, when Anam Cara will launch the balloons sponsored for a loved one at Lloyd Park in Tullamore, Co Offaly.

For more information visit or email
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  1. You one busy momma.... Thanks for posting about this charity. I had never heard of them, but will keep an eye out in local Centra for this campaign! Well done!


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