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September 4, 2009

Sharing the ‘Great Read’ Love

Many thanks to the most excellent Sally at Who’s The Mummy? for tagging me with this Great Read award. It’s lovely to be given a virtual thumbs up and I shall proudly add it to the trophy shelf and have a large piece of cake to celebrate!

Sally’s challenge to accompany the award is to think of 10 happy memories. With a slight twist, I would like to offer the following ‘10 Happy Hot Cross Mum Places’. These all have a very special place in my heart.

10 Happy Hot Cross Mum Places

1. A beautiful gite at ‘La Grange Du Moulin’ in France. Set on a vineyard and sunflower fields. Our first holiday as a family of four.
2. Manchester – the entire city. Where better place to spend your formative years as a student?!
3. Sydney – especially a brilliant house on Elizabeth Street. I lived there for a year and had the absolute best of times. Also returned for millennium celebrations and honeymoon. A special place indeed.
4. Holles Street National Maternity Hospital, Dublin. What is it they say, no pain, no gain!
5. My attic. We play, we dance, we laugh here and when everyone is in bed, I write here.
6. London – spent 8 brilliant years here which saw me start my corporate life and complete the marathon. Love it.
7. Glendalough, Wicklow. Ireland at its very best.
8. The duckpond in the small Yorkshire village where I grew up. Although I remember being particularly scared of one odd looking duck, it holds fond childhood memories for me.
9. My back garden on a sunny day with the paddling pool out and the boys squealing with delight.
10. My sofa – when the children are sleeping and I have a large glass of wine in my hand – ahhhhh!

I would also like to pass the award onto the following ladies who are all indeed, great reads. If you’re not familiar, check them out.
Insomniac Mummy, Sandy at Baby Baby, The Wife of Bold, Rachel at Really Rachel and Not Supermum. Enjoy!



  1. Awww, thanks very much! I will display my award with pride, and I promise to blog about it soon (I'm not very good at keeping up with them usually!).

  2. Ah thank you kind lady!

    I shall get right on it!


  3. Finally picking up my award. Thank you so much.
    I lived in Sydney for a year too and also dragged my husband there for our honeymoon. Elizabeth St - wow! I was out in Newtown, but still a great place to live.x


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