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March 4, 2010

One Smart Fish: World Book Day

Today is World Book Day; an annual event promoting the enjoyment and reading of books in over 100 countries throughout the world. As a parent, I've often said that if I only teach my children one thing in life, I would want them to have a real love of reading and books. We have read to both our boys from when they were very tiny babies. I still have their first favourite books which were:

We have read literally hundreds of other books since and I'm so delighted that both the boys now have a real love for cuddling up with a pile of books for me to read to them.

We recently read a fantastic new book 'One Smart Fish' by Chris Wormell.

This is a brilliantly illustrated book which tells us about the cleverest fish in the ocean who longs to walk upon the land. He invents feet and walks out of the water! His adventures give the other fish big ideas and they all start trying to walk as well. 'One Smart Fish' is an ingenious way of introducing the concept of evolution. It is humorous, engaging and so bright and colourful it kept my 2 year old's attention as well as my 4 year old's. They both particularly love the page with the picture of the BIG fish and the one of the scary shark. They scream out loud every time we turn to that page! They keep asking for 'One Smart Fish' again and again and I'm more than happy to read it. The book is priced at £10.99 and is my top tip for World Book Day.



  1. Like you, we really encourage reading in our house and have done since our children were born. I was a complete bookworm when I was young and if a child can read they can never be bored (reducing naughtiness I hope!!). Will watch out for that book, thanks for the tip:) Jen.

  2. Sweet post. I must get some of those for my 11 month old already she loves sitting on the floor turning the pages of her books x

  3. There is nothing that warms my heart more than checking in on my girls after they have gone to bed to find them tucked up, cat on end of bed, bedside light on and each of them totally absorbed in a book! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!!!

  4. We just can't stop buying children's books, and I'm pleased that, even at 6 months, the twins seem to enjoy their bedtime stories. I just need to get some in during the day now!

  5. I may not get to read much myself, but building up a good collection for your children is such a great feeling.

  6. I adore books and I relieved I have managed to pass that down to my daughter. Her school doesn't celebrate World Book Day which I find very annoying, considering it's a world event, hence the name!!


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