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June 14, 2011

Dads Rock

Oh, I know I've complained about them a few times, but mainly Dads are wonderful creatures (aren't they?!) so I thought I'd praise them this week, given that it is Father's Day on Sunday. Which reminds me that I need to post a card off to my own Dad - bugger, forgot about that.

Anyhoo, Dad's are officially cool so I, for one, will be encouraging the boys to draw a fabulous picture for him and make him something dramatic with their Lego as a present because, erm, well, what *do* you get Dads for Father's Day?

My own Dad gets a paltry selection of stuff like Rod Stewart CDs and books about Geoff Hurst and the occasional carved, wooden thing and a card with a Kingfisher on it and things like that, but I don't think a Dad who hasn't yet hit his forties would really be that pleased with such tasteful fare. So, I'm just going to stick with the Lego I think - it probably counts as 're-gifting' - making something with the Lego which Santa got the boys for Christmas, so that's got to be good for the environment hasn't it?

Failing that, if you're stuck for ideas, how about doing something totally radical and sending him something from Interflora - they don't just do flowers you know, they have hampers and a whole range of father's day gifts. Interflora also do a same day flower delivery, so you could always accidentally order yourself a lovely bunch of summer flowers at the same time. Well, he didn't send you any for Mother's Day did he, so why not? (stamps foot).

If hampers or flowers aren't his thing, how about an instruction manual? Dad's like them don't they? Tim Atkinson, the man, the dad, the genius behind the incredibly successful blog 'Bringing up Charlie' has poured all his hard years of research and experience in the matter of Fatherhood into his very own book 'Fatherhood: The Essential Guide'. Essential reading for all new dads - and some of the not so new dads too (ahem). This is an excellent book which I would highly recommend.

So now you have no excuses: Hampers, Flowers, Books or, failing all else, Lego spaceships.

Dads. Rock.

That is a picture of Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, by the way. He is a dad. And he rocks.



  1. Thanks for the plug Hazel! And for the other Father's Day gift ideas... which reminds me, I'd better not forget me own dear ol' dad!

  2. Very nice. Very nice indeed. The GK's and I will be making stuff for their grandad who is mostly like their dad since their own decided to up and leave their lives several months ago. Dads (the good ones) do rock.

  3. And you can win the book over at my blog!


  4. Ah wish I had read this post before Father's Day. As you know re. my birthday blog post, my hubby is useless at pressies so my children would definitely have been encouraged to give him a lego pressie :)

  5. Unfortunately, I'm too late. But nevertheless I would like to add one more idea. Maybe somebody will find it good. My daughter once said “I will draw a picture that will describe the way I love my dad”. She was five. She drew the portrait, using the brightest colors. In my opinion, my husband is more handsome, but he was amazed by this picture. He couldn't even imagine she would prepare this. This present was full of her love to him. The only drawback was that all our relatives decided to have the same present from our daughter.

  6. All great ideas! My kids just write wee cards and call it a day. The decent celeb dads really stand out...always love reading interviews by Jamie Oliver, he is so honest about the whole thing...


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