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March 3, 2011

Enjoy World Book Day with Priddy Books

To celebrate World Book Day (today), I have been reviewing some excellent children's books on the blog this week. I'm also running a competition to give away a copy of two of the books - check it out; winners will be announced tomorrow (Friday).

For my final book-ish post, I would like to highlight the very excellent Priddy Books who, as well as celebrating World Book Day are also celebrating their 10th birthday this Spring.

I'm sure many of you have one of Priddy Book's excellent titles among the bookshelves at home - from their Touch and Feel books for very young readers to their fantastic sticker books and activity books to first reference books, there really is something for everyone.

We were very lucky to be sent the set of sticker and colouring books pictured below. These are small, A5 size, very slim books which fit easily into a bag and will keep your children occupied anywhere you need them to be occupied! The themes of the books in this set include: Trucks, Baby Animals and The World. A sticker book each kept my two boys occupied for the entire flight from Dublin to Leeds. I was thanking Priddy Books several times as I drank my much needed cup of coffee in peace!
Whether you have come across Priddy Books already, or are looking for great ideas for encouraging your children to read, and interact with books, there can be few websites better worth exploring.

And if you ever needed an idea for an easter gift, which wasn't chocolate.......



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  1. I love their sticker books - as does Boy #2; their Trucks one kept him occupied for hours on flight to Austria recently...(ah, happy days!)


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