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March 1, 2011

'Morris the Mankiest Monster' and 'Shark in the Dark' - reviews for World Book Day.

Continuing the celebration of all things book-ish for World Book Day on Thursday, here are two more excellent children's books, both of which have been nominated for the 2011 Kate Greenaway Medal. Previous winners of this award include: Emily Gravett for 'Wolves' and also for 'Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears' and Mini Grey for 'The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon.' This year's shortlist will be announced on 1st April.

'Shark in the Dark' by Nick Sharratt is a follow up to the previous book 'Shark in the Park'. Nick Sharratt is also behind the excellent 'Caveman Dave' and 'Smart Aunties' as well as tonnes of other books. 'Shark in the Dark' is an excellent book which actually glows in the dark - sure to intrigue any young reader for a start. As with all Nick Sharratt's book, the language and rhyming patterns are superb and really engage young readers. We loved this - especially the evil looking shark!

'Morris the Mankiest Monster' (pictured above) by Giles Andreae and Sarah McIntyre is 'the most revolting children's book of the year'. Morris is disgusting - absolutely disgusting. I read this to a group of 5 year olds today and they absolutely loved it - they were hilarious 'eeuurrgghhing' and 'yukking' at his revolting-ness! Giles Andreae is the man behind 'Purple Ronnie' and his fabulous, comedy writing shines through in this book. Our favourite line is, "His shoes are all slurpy and squelchy inside and potatoes grow out of his pants." Guaranteed to make any young child giggle - and childish adults too!

Enjoy - and don't forget to check out yesterday's book reviews with a chance to win a copy of either.

More tomorrow.



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