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March 31, 2011

The ebook has landed - MY ebook!

So, I'm not sure whether to be completely delighted, or totally terrified but here, ladies and gentlemen, is the official announcement that my ebook 'Hot Cross Mum - Bitesize Slices of Motherhood' is OUT! (grabs coat, runs for the hills and waits with baited breath).

This is the result of a two year journey of blood, sweat and lots of tears (and the, ahem, occasional G&T!). Regular readers will know that I'm a self-confessed, frustrated, 'published-author-in-waiting' so, yes, I'm very proud to have brought my little corner of cyberspace kicking and screaming into the world of ebooks. Hell, I didn't even know what an ebook was two years ago. Let alone a blog!

Some very lovely and incredibly talented ladies have read the book and said some very lovely things about it including:

“Hazel is a brilliant writer and captures the essence of being thrust into motherhood headfirst. Her writing is hilarious and often cuts close to the bone. She'll have you chuckling at your computer screen for hours.” - Susanna Scott, Founder of British Mummy Bloggers and co-founder of CyberMummy Conferences

"A funny, relevant and wonderfully honest account of motherhood. I laughed out loud and nodded in recognition all the way through." - Sinead Moriarty, bestselling author of ‘The Baby Trail’ and ‘Pieces of My Heart’

“Hazel Gaynor is a funnier version of your best laugh-out-loud, fabulous, friend - the one who can take a mundane or even miserable mom-moment and spin it into pure comedy gold. Her wickedly wonderful “bitesize slices of motherhood” go down easier than the smoothest top-shelf tequila and satisfy on every level.” - Jenna McCarthy, bestselling author of ‘The Parent Trip’ and ‘Cheers to the new mom!’ / ‘Cheers to the new Dad!’.

I didn't even have to bribe them to say these things. Honest!

I have no idea where this little adventure will lead, but it's always exciting when you set off on a journey isn't it? So, please feel free to click on the link, read the blurb, download the sample, tell your friends - buy the flippin' thing if you feel the desire to do so (my English reserve prevents me from saying anything more on that matter)!

I've written a little bit of background below to explain the reason for the ebook. Please read on if you feel compelled.

Thank you. Very much.

The background

I started ‘Hot Cross Mum’ in March 2009 as a platform for developing a writing career after I was made redundant and decided to become a Stay At Home Mum. I started blogging just at the point when the ‘mummy blogging’ community was exploding in the UK and Ireland and I quickly became part of an influential community of blogging parents. I loved it! The phenomena of blogging and my part in that attracted the interest of Irish press and TV and after being interviewed for ‘The Sunday Times Magazine’ in January 2010 about the transition from corporate to domestic life, the blog was noticed by a literary agent. She enquired whether I’d considered developing a book based on the blog. I hadn’t, but I started to work on it the very next day!

When it was submitted, the book received praise from publishers in Ireland and the UK and was very nearly commissioned for publication by a UK publisher; but unfortunately didn’t make the final hurdle. Having got so close, I was obviously very disappointed, but dusted myself off and continued to write the blog for my personal pleasure and turned my hand to fiction writing and my freelance career.

That book has sat on my PC ever since; nagging at me! As ebooks became more and more popular, I started to think about putting ‘Hot Cross Mum: bitesize slices of motherhood’ out in an ebook format. A friend of mine, Catherine Howard, was starting to see phenomenal success with her ebook ‘MouseTrapped’ and encouraged me to go for it!

It’s probably important to point out that rather than being just a straightforward copy of the blog, the ebook charts the first twelve months of my journey from leaving my corporate career and adjusting to life at home with the children. Obviously, some of my published blog posts are used (it is, after all, those posts which brought readers to my blog in the first place) but I have also added new material and brought it all together into a much more meaningful package with a beginning, middle and hopefully a happy ending! So there’s something in the ebook for existing readers of ‘Hot Cross Mum’, as well as for people who have never seen the blog and discover the ebook first.



  1. Congratulations & really well done! Sounds like a great read and the story of getting there is in itself an inspiration.
    One buyer here.

  2. Congratulations my lovely tutor, i cant wait to get mine!


  3. Congratulations, I can't wait to read it. Yours is one of my favourite blogs, the kind you save to read when you can enjoy it properly.

    I wish you much success!

  4. Congratulations. It sounds super...are there any tips on how to write an ebook in it?

  5. I hope i can say this without sounding patronising, but I am incredibly proud of you. I know how hard it is to juggle kids and writing so what you ahve accomplished is amazing. It helps that you are a fab and funny writer! I can't wait to get stuck in. Well done..., now go pour yourself a large G&T!

  6. Congratulations! So exciting!

  7. I'm off to download my first ever ebook...yours x

  8. I am so thrilled for you :) You deserve all the success in the world!x

  9. Congratulations on your E-book H - that's what it's all about!

    How good to make your acquaintance. I found you thro' Mari and look forward to following your blog and writing progress.

    warm wishes

  10. congratulations!! i love reading your writing on your blog and can't wait to read the book. good luck on your exciting journey!!

  11. Wow - sounds great, long live the e-book!

  12. Fantastic news - congratultions! And welcome to the world of the published author.

  13. Fantastic! Congrats to you! I have just recently found your blog and love your writing, very addictive indeed. I love also the layout of the book, first telling about your transition then bringing in the posts. Can't wait to check it out! (Plus - you have done so much in two years!)

  14. Wow that's amazing - you're famous!! Brilliant achievement and I look forward to plugging it for you. x

  15. Congratulations!! Getting a book published the old school way is close to impossible today, very well done for publishing it as an ebook. And when it is becoming really really successful, you are going to keep the revenue all to yourself, yay!! xx

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...... you're all FAB and very, very kind indeed. x

  17. Good for you for publishing it yourself when it didn't make the final cut. I've heard it's excellent!

  18. Absolutely brilliant news! Well done. Enjoyed your interview on Allison Tait's Life in a Pink Fibro blog too. Will be having a read - do I need a Kindle?

  19. Can I download on a Sony ereader? I asked the man in Waterstones and he didn't have a clue?Dying to read it!

  20. That's a fantastic achievement. Well done to you! Um... I don't have a Kindle. Can I download it to my computer? Susanna says that I can chuckle at my computer screen. Is that literally true? I'm truly interested in downloading the book, so please email me, or leave a comment on mine.

  21. Heard about this via Life In A Pink Fibro

    Great stuff and congratulations, it is a wonderful achievement

    Gill xo

  22. I wanted to offer my congratulations; yours is an inspiring story to all aspiring authors out there. Well done you and what brilliant testimonials you have already :)

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