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June 18, 2010

What does Daddy do?

Thanks to Karen at If I Could Escape for tagging me with this Father's Day meme which aims to shed new light on what our children really think their Daddy does every day. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure myself what my husband does every day. He has me completely baffled by his daily routine of disappearing just before the kids wake up in the morning and failure to return home before they are tucked up in bed. Hmmmm. Perhaps my four-year-old can help me out....

Q1.What does Daddy wear for work? – "Smart clothes."

Q2.Where does Daddy work? — "Erm, I don't really know." (that makes two of us then!)

Q3.What’s Daddy’s job? — "To do bands." (Daddy plays guitar in a band in his spare time - this isn't his job but hey, who am I to shatter my child's rock star image of his father).

Q4.What does Daddy do at work? — "He rings people on the telephone." (doesn't really narrow it down much, does it?)

Q5.What does Daddy do at lunch? – "He rings us to say hello."

So, we're unfortunately no closer to knowing exactly what Daddy does every day. Oh well. Maybe it's best to just leave it there and carry on pretending that he's a Secret Agent or a Superhero. Much more exciting than the truth!



  1. 'To do bands' I like that, very sweet. I might ask my daughter this too, I'm not sure she's ever given it much thought before! Like you said though, the truth is never as exciting!

  2. So cute! And a lot of these answers sound like me trying to describe my husband's job! ;)

  3. I love the to do bands, Mini thinks daddys job is to make tea

  4. A Daddy's job is never done.
    I still tell the teenagers that Dads job is to make us money because that is all we really want to hear.
    You are right about not wanting to shatter the illusion.

  5. I love hearing things from a k id's point of view...really good fun XXX

  6. This is fabulous... but I want to know something more about you.

    I have something special for you at mine.

  7. Love the title of your blog lol. Just found your blog through some links.. will follow! I also have a blog about being a mother but it's also a fashion/beauty blog, if you're interested its:

    Looking forward to more of your posts
    Angel x


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