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April 15, 2010

A four year old's view of Spring

Hello. Me again, Max. Mummy has let me take over again because a lovely lady called Crunchie Mummy asked my mummy to ask me to answer some really difficult questions about the Springtime for her blob. This was all started by some other really grown up person called 'Ready For Ten' (I think). Oh, I'm getting a bit confused. It was something like that anyway.

So, here are the questions and my answers.

Mummy: How does the world change in the Spring?
Me: " a season. And some flowers grow."

Mummy: Lots of babies are born in the Spring, Where do you think baby animals are born?"
Me: "In a forest."

Mummy: "What did mummy do before you were born?"
Me: (shrugging shoulders) "Erm... don't know." (this one has got me thinking though...)

Mummy: "Spring is a good time to play outside. If you and mummy could spend an entire day playing outside, doing absolutely anything, what would it be?"
Me: "Erm...playing in a tent, playing football and watching us go down the slide. Playing Batman and Spiderman or Superman and Batman."

Mummy: "How long is it until Summer?"
Me: (holding up my five fingers) "Erm...five?"

I think I did quite well really. Mummy says she wants to pass this onto some other people who write blobs. She asked me to choose the ones I like the names of and I chose these:



  1. Aaaw how sweet....

    We did this to over at my blog - kids never give the answers you're expecting do they?

  2. Thanks a lot for tag! Max sound like he is enjoying taking over Mum's pc!

  3. Aw brilliant! I love it :o) Thanks for tagging me!

  4. Good answers Max! Thanks lots for the tag. Will be quizzing my little boy tomorrow.

  5. Brilliant answers from a brilliant 4 year old!

  6. Oooh! Thank you for the tag. My Mr FourL my adorable Charlie, will LOVE to do this with this space!

  7. I love four-year-old logic. Don't have one at present - three and six. But have to say that three year olds can be the wisest people in the world!

  8. We had so much fun dong this, thank you!

  9. We finally got around to filming my four year old's answers. Thanks again!

  10. My son is always telling me that my blob is not as important as people. He's right, huh? But I still just have to blob sometime ya know?


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