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April 8, 2010

7 things you didn't know about my infinite playlist

I have, ahem, been caught napping again and now have several meme's to catch up on. So in true 'Glee' spirit, I've decided to do a bit of a Meme Mash-Up and cover them all in one go.

So, firstly many thanks to Rosie Scribble, Slummy Single Mummy and Emma K at Mommy Has a Headache for tagging me with the 'Kreative Blogger' award for which I need to tell you 7 interesting things about myself. Interesting you say? Hmmmm......

1. I have a terrible allergic reaction to irons and ironing boards. Just looking at them makes me break out in hives and the only rememdy is to have a nice sit down with a large G&T.

2. I have a terrible phobia of vacuum cleaners and mops. I can't bear to be anywhere near them and hyperventilate if faced with either. The only thing that can calm me down is a large slice of battenburg (I know, very odd).

3. Number 1 and 2 render me practically incapable of doing any housework whatsoever. Isn't that just the saddest thing you ever heard?

4. I have never watched Grey's Anatomy or CSI Miami/New York/Sheffield (they do have one based there don't they?).

5. We are having terrible problems with molehills in the grounds of the estate at the moment. Nothing seems to deter the little blighters and my croquet lawn is absolutely ruined as a result.

6. I have a secret passion for angel delight, especially the butterscotch flavour.

7. The image below is the 10th picture in my oldest photo file (thank you to London City Mum for tagging me with this). It was taken in the grounds of an estate somewhere in Cavan but actually bears an uncanny resemblance to me at the end of this 2 week Easter break.

Thanks also to Emily at Babyrambles for tagging me with the 'Infinite Playlist' meme (started by Liz at Living With Kids) where I have to list my 5 all time favourite songs. Having thought long and hard about this (and sulked a little that I can only chose 5), my 'current' Infinite Playlist is as follows:

Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights is one of my all time favourite books and who couldn't love the piano intro to this classic song.
Come Fly With Me, Frank Sinatra: Pure rat-pack class and the song we had our first dance to at our wedding.
Let Me Entertain You, Robbie Williams: The Robster will always get me on the dance floor with this one.
Walk This Way, Run DMC/Aerosmith: Rocking brilliance
Hard To Handle, Black Crowes: Funky rocking brilliance

Finally, I also thank Whoopsie Daisy at Living in a Toybox for the 10 favourite things meme which she passed on sometime last century (see, I really was behind!). I hope the above covers some of this and if anyone is still awake and wants to read on, please see more of my favourite things here.

I think everyone in Cyberspace already has these meme's so instead of passing them on I am starting a brand new shiny meme all of my own which I will tag hundreds of you with! Watch this space.



  1. What a terrible problem (the allergic reactions and the phobias) to have to deal with... I think I have the same phobias!

  2. Excellent choice of first dance, if I may say so - we had the same. I also share your allergy to irons and ironing boards - in fact, I hear it is more and more common these days, something I find terribly sad. I'm sure it's to do with the hole in the ozone layer.

  3. Love Wuthering Heights, both book and song. The piano intro is the message ringtone on my phone!

  4. CSI Sheffield, now I'd watch that. *Shudder* at butterscotch angel delight = bad early eighties nightmare food. Yuck.

  5. Is your iron allergy catching, because I have had it for some time and have no idea how that could have happened. I have never seen Greys Anatomy and LOVE Wuthering Heights song/book/film. All good stuff.

  6. Oh I really like your list - Wuthering Heights was I think one of the first pop records I ever really got into (showing my age, *ahem*) - I loved the lyrics: 'out on the wily windy moor sweet roland fall in greed you had your temper like my jealousy too hard too greedy'. Is that not how it goes? No?

  7. OMG, my other half had me convinced I was the world's biggest freak for loving butterscotch Angel Delight!! So comforting to know I'm not alone :)

  8. I share your allergy for ironing and your passion for Angel delights ;-)

    I'm lucky though we don't have a mole problem on our estate - the gardener takes care of all of that lol

  9. I can't touch an iron either ... but I have to say I'm addicted to my Dyson.

  10. I think we'd get on really well - I also have the allergies, no Greys Anatomy/CSI habit, and look like a 100 year old tree. We part ways at the moles, however - it's more a wombat issue where I live. But your playlist could live on my iPod quite happily. Glad I found you!

  11. Wuthering Heights and Walk This Way - brilliant choices :D

  12. I have never watched Grey's Anatomy or CSI Miami and I can't stand Law and Order either I think the acting is terrible

    I have a terrible allergic reaction to irons and ironing boards
    Me too...the only ironing i have done in the last ten years is to iron on the badges on my daughter's brownie uniform

    Housworkphobic Anonymous - i'm starting a group

  13. OH my! Seems like we have a lot of the same allergies and phobias. I want to join Housworkphobic Anonymous too!


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