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December 2, 2011

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks review

I have two boys. They have lots of race track for their cars. It spends most of its life in various bits and pieces scattered around my sitting room or somebody's bedroom and I spend most of my life tripping over it, standing on it or hoovering up segments of it. Basically, it drives me up the wall. So, imagine my delight when Mattel got in touch to see if my boys would like to try their new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, which you can, literally, drive up the wall. Yes please!

The idea of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks is that you assemble the racing track on the wall, where it stays, rather than under your feet. The track comes with a hanging template to help set them up - admittedly my husband took charge of this, but he reassures me that it is quite straightforward. The track sticks to the wall with 3M Command Strips, which you can get from places like Homebase and B&Q - but they also come free in the Hot Wheels box. 3M Command strips are safe and easy to use and don't damage the walls - although there are obvious warnings about using on your lovely new Farrow and Ball wallpaper etc! The sets are all fully customisable and connect to other Hot Wheels sets so you can mix and match to create different race tracks.

I have to admit to being sceptical when I saw the info for the product - would it really stay on the wall? Well, it does and the boys absolutely love it. We have assembled it in the smallest bedroom in the house - an average sized box room of an average sized 3 bed semi (to give you an idea). It is fixed from about half-way up the height and takes up about a third of the space of the longest wall and runs down to floor level. It is also designed to run in a curve around a corner so some of the track is also fixed against the small side wall. Of course, the kids take the track apart and change bits around and forget to put bits back together so some does end up on the bedroom floor - unfortunately no toy is completely mess-proof - but, all-in-all, I think this is a toy which prevents more mess than it creates.

This really is a great idea and a great toy and if you have kids who love their racing cars and racing tracks this is sure to be a big hit. Plus, the novelty factor of having a racing track actually on your bedroom wall is pretty hard to beat! Thumbs up all round from the Hot Cross household!

The starter set is priced around £29.99 and the stunt sets are priced around £16.99.



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