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December 6, 2010

Deprived of a nativity

I love Christmas - always have; always will and although I will be resisting the urge to put my decorations up for another couple of weeks (despite the fact that half my street is already flashing and twinkling away in festive glory), I'm all for the tinsel and the silly hats. I'm almost even partial to the odd sprout nowadays.

But I am sorry to say, dear reader, that one aspect of my Christmas experience will be forever missing. I won't be going to see my children in their school nativity (bursts into tears).

Let me explain.

My son's school is non-denominational. This is not only a very long word, it is also a relatively new concept for education in Ireland. It's great for us non-Catholic folk and the school is fantastic, but I will admit to being more than a wee bit sad that this also means that I will never get to see my little boys with tea-towels on their heads holding a toy lamb, or standing with their arms out straight for about 8 hours trying to be angelic (has another little weep).

I have very fond memories of our school nativity in the freezing cold village hall and was a fairly decent Mary myself for several years running. Silly though it may seem, it really quite saddens me that my children won't be following in my nativity thespian footsteps and that as a mother, I am going to be deprived of the opportunity to half laugh/half cry at my off-spring hanging around in a pretend stable. That is one of the reasons we have kids, is it not?

So, please, please think of me when your little ones forget their lines or trip up on their curtain-cum-kingly robe and when you're taking your photos and wiping away a tear or two.

I'm hopeful that at least we'll get a little end of term show and a song or two - if not, I may seriously have to think about changing schools.



  1. I think it's a bit sad that so many schools don't do nativities any more. I know people have all different types of religious beliefs these days but well it is Christmas we are celebrating and the nativity is the Christmas story. I can't see why it would be of great offence to anyone to watch it. And a little child with a tea-towel on their head is just so cute!

  2. My kids all go to a non-denominational school although we have a marvellous concert each year celebrating Hannukah, Christmas and Kwaanza. I sort of miss the Nativity tradition but the run up always seems to be filled with so much angst that I'm probably better off without it.

  3. Even schools that do do Nativity plays don't keep it strictly by the book. Lobsters and fish? Snowflakes and raindrops? Really? Some are plays pretty creative.

  4. Oh no, that's sad. Hang on - you were Mary for several years? ! The best I got was playing recorder or singing in the choir. Pah *spits feathers*

  5. I agree. Just because you made it to the peak of primary school acting roles doesn't mean your kids would have. You would probably have spent the next 6 years seething because your boys were a tree and the arse of a cow.

  6. Don't worry, my daughter is at a Catholic school and she tells me they are putting on Cinderella this year!

  7. I remember having to be Cristingle as my primary school weren't doing a nativity. Still have no idea who she is! But, maybe you should try doing one at home - just to get the old shepherd tea towel effect!

  8. My kids go to a C of E school and we still don't get a nativity! We usually get some sort of Fairytale Musical. Its fun but, I miss the tradition.

  9. You are going to hate me but after years of watching my daughter progress from shepherd to sheep to star, ( the gold pointy kind!) my four year old son is to play Joseph! Yes Joseph! Husband thinks me mad but it is every mother's dream surely ? I'm turning into Zainab in Eastenders.
    My daughter also goes to a C of E primary and yes there are robins, snowmen, Christmas trees, Dickensian children - as well as Mary and Joseph. You have to hand it to the teachers bringing all that together.
    The only possible dampener on proceedings is that the person who told me he was Joseph - was my four year old son. Imagine my disappointment on Friday if he just got confused!


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