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August 11, 2010

Cruise Shoes Blues

regular readers of this blog will know that I have two boys so, apart from the odd occasion when they are caught clopping around in my party shoes, the issue of four-year-olds wearing kitten heels is not really a pressing one for me – thank god.

For Tom Cruise however, it is. He was
speaking last week on GMTV, promoting his new movie, Knight and Day, when he was ‘politely asked’ (I can hardly say challenged as, well, he just wasn’t) about his daughter’s choice of footwear. Suri, aged 4, was first papped with her kitten heels a year ago and it caused a bit of a stir. She continues to be spotted in heels while out and about with mum and dad, which - and I am aware that I exist in a bit of a fashion wilderness - seems a little silly, even for a celebrity child.

Anyway, this, roughly, is what Tom said in response to the question about Suri's choice of footwear. “In Spain they wear the high-heeled flamenco dance shoes from birth. I believe that she can wear whatever she wants to wear. She dresses herself. Self expression is so important; my children need their own identity. I try to give them as much safety and room to find their dreams and express themselves. They’re gonna wear what they’re gonna wear.”

Hmmm. But surely she can only select things to wear from the items they have bought for her - right? So why not just fill your house with lovely pairs of girls canvas shoes like these from Start-rite. Georgeously girly, and not at all likely to ruin your feet for life.

Worryingly, the nice shoe people at Clarks have identified that 'recent trends highlight the addition of a heel as the new ‘must have’ accessory for girls under the age of ten.' Yes, you heard right. Extremely depressing really, isn't it. So, to help save Suri's teeny feet from permanent damage, Clarks have offered to 'step in' (see what I did there) and have her properly measured and fitted for a more sensible style of party shoe.

I, for one, urge the Cruises to take up the offer and get Suri kitted out in some proper shoes
like these. Surely any little girl would be perfectly happy skipping around in any of these, and with a budget to buy every style, in every colour, I'm sure Tom and Katie could give her a big enough selection of footwear, without resorting to flamenco heels?

Feet are for life you know; not just for parties.

This is a partly sponsored post.

(p.s I make no apology for the tabloid headline. In fact, 'Tabloid Headline Thursday' may become a regular thing. Puns at the ready.....)



  1. ... and you can't imagine the trouble I have getting size eleven court shoes these days. Honestly...

  2. I saw Tom Cruise talking about this, and I had exactly the same thought as you - she can only wear the shoes that have been selected for her. Also, children's feet are not fully formed at that age and she can be damaging her feet. My girls are 10 and 13, and the teenager has only just been allowed to wear heels for a party. Am I being too strict? I don't care, they'll thank me when they're older.

  3. I was 37 before my mother allowed me to select my own shoes, let alone buy any heels.

    Tsk. The children of today.

    LCM x

  4. I find these slebs who say "My child should be able to express themselves ... " blah blah SO ANNOYING. Grrrrrr. Good post. HMx

  5. Bear in mind this is a man who had an opinion on post natal depression that wound up every woman who heard about it. What I want to know though is that if his daughter wants to wear girly shoes, why not point her attention in the direction of Lelly Kelly's? (Sorry Clarkes, but they ARE the definitive glitter shoes for girls. I heard a rumour the other day they are now selling shoes for adults and whilst I'm not remotely girly I am seriously tempted...)

  6. I bet that if Suri's choice was to shave her head and wear big DMs they wouldn't be so keen on self expression.

    I think it's important to let children make choices for themselves but the parent has to carefully select the things they choose from.

  7. Its just ridiculous - being a parent is about being the adult and occasionally doing what is right rather than what is easy. Self expression - meh!

  8. With you all the way - she can only choose from what's available for her (presuming she isn't sent off to the mall with her own credit card. Yet). I've seen some photos of her in the 'heels' and they look wrong to me. Plus, I am inclined to disagree with Tom Cruise's opinions on principle.

  9. I think it's more the strong-willed child than anything. I had a friend whose daughter would only wear her Wizard of Oz red ruby dress-up heels for about 2 years straight.

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  11. agree entirely. Poor child's feet will be totally ruined. Makes me so sad.

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