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December 19, 2009

Blogging 2010 - The Conspiracy Theory

Following recent excellent posts from A Modern Mother and Who's The Mummy about their predicitions for mummy blogging in 2010, I would like to offer an alternative voice on this matter. So I give you:

Blogging Predictions for 2010: The Conspiracy Theory

1. Single Parent Dad, The Dotterel and Dad Who Writes will form a Status Quo tribute band called 'Dad's Rock'. They will enter, and win, Britian's Got Talent and will go on to have a No 1 smash with their debut single: 'Blogging All Over The World'.

2. Sandy at Baby Baby will become an advisor to the newly elected PM David Cameron and will be a regular panelist on Question Time.

3. Insomniac Mummy will have a 72 hr blogathon and will set a Guinness World Record for the highest number of blog posts and tweets in a 72hr period. She will then, finally, get a good night's sleep.

4. David Cameron will be a keynote speaker at the Mummy Bloggers Conference, but will be highly insulted when someone throws a packet of Custard Creams at him.

5. A Modern Mother, Sticky Fingers, Jo Beaufoix, Maternal Tales and Rosie Scribble will form a rival group to 'Dad's Rock'. Their 5-piece 'Mum's Aloud' will have the year's most downloaded single with 'Mum's Just Wanna Have Fun'.

6. The names Tweet, Twitter, Technorati, Hashtag and Blogger will become popular baby names.

7. Potty Mummy will have to start doing a British Mummy Blogger of the day podcast to keep up with the numbers of new bloggers coming on the scene.

8. Josie at Sleep Is For The Weak will be selected as a judge for the Booker Prize due to the phenomenal success of her weekly writing workshops.

9. There will be several blogger weddings featured in Hello! Magazine.

10. We will see Violet Posy , Brits in Bosnia , and Who's The Mummy competing for glory in the final of a special bloggers edition of 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'.

11. All members of British Mummy Bloggers will be offered free travel on new no frills airline 'FlyBMB'.

12. The concept of 'vlogging' will lead to a massive surge in sales of Touche Eclat.

And on that bombshell, I am heading for a much needed break so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2010!



  1. Ha, love this! I'd love some of them to come true - especially want to see Mums Aloud on MTV!

  2. Brilliant! I'm laughing my (not so) little ass of here.

    Just imagine if it all came true!? I don't know about a 72 hour blogathon but I jnow I could certainly do with that good night's sleep!

    Thanks for making me giggle......again.


  3. Having never been on a plane - and with a small girl dying to go on one - I love the idea of 11!


  4. Hilarious! I should imagine every single one of these will come true, they're not far-fetched in the slightest! I have my packet of custard creams ready for July :-) x

  5. Great! Have a happy Christmas..... here's hoping we all get some vouchers in our stockings for "Blog Writing Time"!

  6. Brilliant. However I think Sandy should *be* PM, not merely his advisor - LOL!!!

  7. very funny! Especially the bit about the blogger weddings!

  8. Too Funny Mrs! I'm wondering who the first BMB pairing will be?? I like the idea of a 72 hour blogathon...hmmm, not so far fetched.

    Cheers for a Happy Christmas and New Year!

    :) Karin

  9. I am killing myself here - LOVE it! Please please please let all of this come true.

    Have a fabulous Christmas HCM xxx

  10. Utter Genius! Best giggle of the week thankyou x I would love to see that Quo tribute from the boys. I'd be rubbish I'm a celeb I'd never eat bugs!! Happy Christmas x

  11. Why i everyone laughing? I think this is far more realistic then other predictions I have seen around and about.

  12. Can't wait for FlyBMB - no more worrying about offending fellow passengers with a crying baby :)

  13. Well, Ian's already got the hair for it. Don't know about Blogger Dad. As for my locks, they will - like my musical abilities - remain somewhat shorn, I fear. But we can dream...

    And I love the idea of 'Mums Aloud'!

    But I notice you've not made any 'Hot Cross Mum' predictions, so I'll do one for you...

    "After a hugely successful appearance on The Morning Show on RTE, Hot Cross Mum is catapulted into superstardom by being offered the slot recently vacated by Opra Winfrey and is tipped to take over from Jonathan Ross as TV's highest-paying presenter."

  14. Excuse me but my middle name is Hashtag, I don't think it's nice to take the piss out of people's names. Good day to you.

    And have a wonderful Christmas.

    And actually, it's Shirley.

    Think I would prefer Hashtag. x

  15. You are all bonkers! Glad you had a laugh at this. @dotterel - LOL! Now that would be something! @Linda - there's always deed poll?!

  16. Love it!
    Hey, well done finishing the novel! Good luck! And great Christmas :) x
    I never managed to see the tv programme re blogging even though Helen texted me to say it was on....will it be repeated?!!

  17. Please tell me NO ONE will name their child "twitter"....


  18. That made me laugh! Brilliant!

    Anyroad up, just wanted to drop by and wish you and yours all the best for 2010!

  19. That made me laugh - especially the touche eclat point !


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