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January 10, 2012

In which I rage about Easter eggs in January

I know the Mayan Calendar is about to run out and, if you're a believer in the more apocalyptic outlook on life, we ain't got that long to live, but still, there is surely NO EXCUSE for putting Easter chocolate on the supermarket shelves in January.

Aaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh. Rant, rant, rant, stomp, stomp, stomp.

This is surely the height of retailing ludicrous-ness.

First of all, surely, nobody wants to even look at chocolate for at least a month after the Christmas excesses. We're still working our way through the Trick or Treat stash for crying out loud. The selection boxes are backed up against the left over 'Crackers for Cheese' (why, oh why do I buy two boxes every year?) and I'm force feeding the kids chocolate orange so it doesn't go to waste.

There can, surely, be nobody who actually buys Easter eggs now? Is there? Please tell me there isn't. It can't be right, can it, to be stashing chocolate chicks in the cupboards now? Maybe I've missed something, but as far as I can recall there has never been a case of panic-buying of Easter eggs. There has never been a world shortage of Creme Eggs which we must all prevent by stockpiling them and looting the shops for them NOW, NOW, NOW.

It's insania, that's what it is (isn't that right, Mr Andre?) and it makes me feel oh so very, very sad that we live in such a consumer-led world that this seems like a rational, totally normal thing to do by some people gathered in a boardroom (probably sometime last August) planning to start their Easter campaign in January.


Oh, and by the way, if you disagree with me then I don't want to talk to you. On this point, the lady IS NOT for turning.




  1. I do buy Creme Eggs the second they appear in January. I think my level of chocoholism is what the retailers are supporting. It's not right and it sure ain't pretty. ;)

  2. Agree with you every step of the way. I'm still working my way through the boys trick or treat stash (being too mean to let them have it) and all this chocolate is NOT HELPING my diet.

    BTW loving that everyone is getting all ranty in the new year. Seems to happen to us grumpy mothers. I'm on a rant about clarks shoes. Although toy packaging manufacturers are next in my sights...

  3. It's just bizarre. The ony thing I can think is that people do buy them but they can't keep them for Easter they must eat them. I just don't like the way we're forced to rush through life. We can't just be happy in the present.

  4. By the way, would love you to link this to my linky, Tuesday tea and sympathy, if you get chance.

  5. I'm in the middle on this one. I don't mind seeing creme eggs, mini eggs and other treat size eggs appearing after Christmas as you tend to get them as a treat for yourself as you would any other kind of chocolate bar. But I have no idea why anyone would start buying the proper big eggs at this time of year! Madness!!!

  6. It is ridiculous - I was in our local shop on New Year's Eve and there were Easter eggs, wrong, wrong, wrong!

  7. I just wouldn't buy a cream egg - they don't taste the same anymore!!! that said, i heard ian dempsey give out cause there's valentine cards on disply in his local shop.
    by the way, is it wrong that i've starting my christmas shopping???

  8. You're gonna hate me, I think chocolate tastes better in egg I'm delighted that they're in the shops...I know I know it is atrocious!


  9. I am still making inroads into the trick or treat stash! And Elf's selection boxes - don't tell him! -HMx

  10. I think it's inevitable really, and the kids love it! I love a bit of it, I think a mix of DIY & pro Easter chocolate is a winning combination!

  11. Totally agree. Though here in the US, with its plethora of occasions to celebrate, it's Valentine stuff that is making an early appearance. Then it'll be St Patrick's Day stuff, and only then will Easter eggs appear. Till now, I've been a bit sniffy about all the extra occasions ("Hallmark Holidays", they call them, ie invented by Hallmark), but I can see that there is one advantage. You don't get Easter eggs appearing just after Christmas. And you won't get Christmas goods appearing just after the summer either. There's Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving first.

  12. I've already had a few creme eggs this year. But then I'd eaten our entire xmas chocolate stash by the New Year, I blame it on the pregnancy!

  13. Couldn't agree more. Although Screme Eggs (Creme Eggs that are green, for Halloween) did make me laugh quite a lot.


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