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October 5, 2011

What books are you reading during Children's Book Week?

With The Telegraph reporting this week that we are in a golden age of children's literature, it would seem that Children's Book Week has plenty of reason to celebrate and be proud!

It still shocks and surprises me when I read reports which provide statistics showing that parents don't read a bedtime story to their children. This has been something we just assumed everyone did as a parent and has been part of our bedtime routine (I say 'routine' with a manic grin on my face) since the boys were tiny, tiny babies. Even though I can sometimes barely keep my eyes open, reading bedtime stories is a great way for everyone to wind down. Our nightly battle isn't so much about brushing teeth, it's about how many stories they can have before the lights really do have to be turned off! The boys (aged 4 and 6) are now able to enjoy a huge range of fiction and non-fiction books as well as picture books and the shelves are straining under the weight of all the fabulous stories we have treasured so far - and will treasure for years to come.
John Lewis has released their Top 10 Children's Books for Christmas to mark Children's Book Week - the list includes some great classics such as The Famous Five as well as modern classics such as The Gruffalo.
The John Lewis Top 10 selection ranges from beautiful sound books to box sets featuring many of children‟s literature‟s best-known characters. “Christmas is not only about the latest must-haves but also the "should-haves‟ - books should be an essential part of every child‟s Christmas,” says John Lewis toys and books buyer Elaine Hooper. “According to a recent Unicef story, children most enjoy spending time with families and siblings. Reading is the perfect way to bring the whole family together. Choose books you know will capture your kids' imaginations and they‟ll want to read them over and over again making books a great
value for money Christmas gift.”

The John Lewis Top 10 is:

1. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes sound book £6.99
2. Jingle Bells sound book £6.99
3. The Night Before Christmas book and CD £7.99
4. The Jolly Postman £11.99
5. Lego Star Wars Ultimate Activity box set £12.99 (exclusive to John Lewis)
6. The Lego Ideas book £16.99
7. The Peter Rabbit Library £19.99
8. Pretty Pink Tea Par ty £19.99
9. The Gruffalo & Gruffalo‟s Child £20
10. The Famous Five 10 Adventures boxed set £35

Special offers from John Lewis this Christmas include a Famous Five boxed set of 10 books at £35, with £50 off the RRP, and a Peter Rabbit Library at £19.95 with £15 off the RRP.

Children's Book Week is an annual event to celebrate reading for pleasure among primary school children. There are a huge amount of activities taking place around the UK to celebrate Children' Book Week. Check out the website for further details.

This isn't a sponsored post - I just love books!!!



  1. I am reading perennial favourite Thomas books to my youngest and the amazing Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick with gorgeous pencil illustrations to my 9 year old. My 7 yo girl and 10 year boy mostly read to themselves, the girl anything by Enid Blyton and also the Horrid Henry series and the eldest boy loves the Artemis Fowl series and Harry Potter. I am looking for similar series to get him interested in. My favourite ever book to read to the kids has been The Baby who wouldn't go to bed by Helen Cooper, a wonderful story from the point of view of a two year old and his weary mother. Just gorgeous. Other favourites have been Big Bear, little bear, the Bear under the stairs and When Mum turned into a monster. As you can see we are book fanatics in this house!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you reminded me about the republication of the Famous Five books. I absolutely ate them up as a child and am definitely going to get them for the girls (at least bedtime reading might get a bit more interesting - I'm, a little tired of Rainbow Fairies! Great post.

  3. I was researching children's picture books as I am writing one, I was saddened to read they are getting shorter because publishers believe parents want their kids in bed faster!
    I would have the box set Famous Five, they were a guilty pleasure in my house as mum thought they were sexist and un pc (she might have had a point there) and hated me reading them.

  4. Books might be getting shorter but we for some reason established the tradition of reading not one, but THREE bedtime stories...... seven years later we're still going strong.


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