Rediscovering the 'Me' in 'Mumeeeeeee'

'I have always thought that there is no more fruitful source of family discontent than a housewife’s badly-cooked dinners and untidy ways'. (Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, 1861)

April 13, 2011


Life is busy. Crazy. Not enough hours in the day. Rushing around, tripping over toy trucks and piles of washing. Flustering about the lack of vegetables consumed in the last 24 hours. Grabbing a quick shower. Writing 'to do' lists - adding to them and rarely crossing anything's bonkers most of the time and manic the rest.

But among all the rushing and nagging and worrying, there are moments. Quiet moments. Funny moments. Amazing moments.

Like yesterday, when this conversation took place in the car on the way back from the shops where I had bought my 3 yr old a new 'army' sun hat.

Me: "Do you like your new hat then?"
Him: "Mummy. I love it soooooooooo much that I can't even smile."

Moments like my five year old pulling my hand eagerly into his school classroom at the open evening last night and proudly showing me his spring colouring book and his daffodil and his handwriting and his wonderful drawings and asking me whether he starts Senior Infants next week or next year?

Moments like at the weekend when I'd dragged a summer skirt out of the back of the wardrobe and thrown it on to be greeted with, "Oh, mummy. I love your....that....'thing' (pointing at the skirt) is sooooooo beautiful."

Moments like an unexpected 'I love you mummy' when you're chopping carrots.

Moments like a 'cafe' hastily thrown together on the garden table with juice in the teapot and fairy cakes just baked and out of the oven and cries of 'Cafe Lady, please can I have something else to eat at the cafe'.

Moments like realising your 'fussy eater' isn't actually all that fussy any more as he eats a green bean and says, 'Mmmmmmmm, that's delicious.'

Moments which we often forget to talk about, write about or acknowledge because it's just easier to complain about all the crap.

What 'moments' have you had recently?



  1. What wonderful moments, I think this deserves a post all of it's own if you don't mind

  2. What a wonderful post. Mine has to be a small boy refusing to get out of our bed this morning until he had had a proper snuggly under the duvet cuddle with Mummy and then Daddy. It made us stop rushing to get on with the day and just share some love.

  3. It is these little moments that truly make Motherhood worthwhile, dont' you think? I had one this evening when I helped my two year old daughter out of the bath and gave her a cuddle into the towel to dry her and she looked at herself and me in the mirror and said "Best friend". Melt x

  4. Oh goddess, I must be hormonal. That made me cry.

    Charlie chucked a sickie from school today. At about morning tea time he said to me:

    "I am not really sick Mummy. I just wanted to be by myself with you. I'm sorry if thats naughty? It's just because I like you"


  5. They were wonderful, memorable moments indeed and it's a great way to put them down for posterity on the blog isn't it? (or in your next book maybe - volume 2!)

    My own memorable moment of the day was purely when my 11 year old came running back from the car (with Daddy frothing in a rush to get her into school and off to work) just to give me another sloppy kiss and an 'I love you Mum'. Simple but we have to savour the moments!

  6. Oh what a fab post!

    I try to write down those fab moments, little snipets of coversation that put balance into my days...

    Umm, 2 days ago I lost my daughters easter bonnet decorations she bought...profuse apologies from me, and a 7year old, teling me, its ok, so long as you dont get lost, you are all i need... Big mummy popping with pride moment!


  7. So good for the soul to just take stock and appreciate the grogeous in the mayhem. Today? Poppy brushing my hair tonight on her bed for ten minutes (pure bliss!!!!) and saying, I love your hair mummy, it's like rapunsel. (ahem, it's mousy and only to my shoulder blades but she saw beauty so who am i to argue?)

  8. What a lovely post Hazel.

    The "I love your....that....'thing' (pointing at the skirt)..." comment is so sweet.

    My moments include homemade love letters waiting at the door, as if the postman had just dropped them through the letterbox before I get home. And little notes under my pillow before I go to bed. And gentle fairy like kisses on my forehead....Heavenly.

  9. Oh you people ! You all made me sniffle. I worked 80 hr weeks when I raised my first two then home part time with second two and now home full time helping raise the grandkids. They all think the other ones got the better deal ! And yet they all still say I was a great mom. OK now I made myself cry. Thanks alot

  10. My daughter got into bed with me this morning, cuddled up, and said "I'm in bed with the best mother in the world!"

  11. Ah my daughter saying I'm "her nice mummy." It's her new thing, and I hugely prefer it to her calling me "bad mama." (Which she got from her "bad friends" at school. Haha!)

  12. My moment today was when my eight year old daughter asked me if she could earn some money by bustling with her violin outside the supermarket. .. I had to stop myself from giggling all the way home. Of course she will have to .. just for an hour, my local grocer will oblige I'm sure !

  13. Oh or last week when I walked it school to be stopped by the teacher, smiling and smiling. Thank you so much for your extra generous donation to the second hand clothes sale Mrs Kimbell she beamed.

    Erm .. what donation was that I asked!?

    My 8 ear old had smuggled her entire wardrobe, barring 3 pars of socks and her knickers in to school in her sports bag and satchel. Not a single item remained.

    I mean what was I to do.. as i turned to her for an explaination . Mummy .. the children needed them .. they have no where to live.

  14. Isn't that's the great thing about blogs that it gives us a chance to celebrate all those moments :). My tired brain struggled to think of anything a first and then I remembered that my boy happily agreed to walk to the Post Office with me today - huge for an aspie boy who is nearly welded to his games consoles.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's so lovely to read a positive post now and then! I'm guilty of letting the not-so-great times get the better of me sometimes. But when I stop to think, the positives ALWAYS far outweigh the negatives. BTW, last night I finished reading your ebook (I downloaded it from Amazon) and I love, love, LOVED it! Truly, it's a special book. Made me want to be a better Mum!

  16. Lovely post. And I have had several of those recently, most notably my sons asking whether we could have a baby (having just seen their 5 week old cousin). When I said no, they paused and simply said: Could we get chickens instead?

    Or them asking what another name for a willy is and me telling them it's a penis and them saying: Peanuts? And falling about laughing.

  17. Aww how lovely!! Reading that post my smile was getting bigger and bigger, so sweet :)

  18. Gorgeous moments....really made me smile and think about my moments and it's amazing what the power of a hug from your LO can do for you. I blogged the other day about a moment that made me stop and reflect - something so simple like how my LO thought about a dead bird on the road really made me think.
    Lovely post x

  19. Son looks up my nightdress at my you-know-what and says "It looks quite simple really....".

  20. A bunch of *&#$*( moments when my browser wouldn't let me comment or sign in as me on blogspot. But I'm home now and catching up. Sent you an email. I'm x


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